March 2023

10 Healthy foods to enjoy during Iftar

10 Healthy foods to enjoy during Iftar
1. Fruits and vegetables: dates, citrus, apples, bananas, potatoes, shallots, tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, etc.
2. Grains: Couscous, bulgur, quinoa, barley, oats, etc.
3. Legumes: lentils, legumes, chickpeas, etc.
4. Dairy: Low-fat yoghurt, cheese, milk, etc.
5. Healthy Fats: Extra virgin olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, etc.

Home plants for better health

Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, and sage are all great for improving overall health. They contain high levels of antioxidants and are known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Herbs can help to boost the immune system, improve digestion, and reduce stress.

15 Animals that have the shortest lifespans

Axolotl – (3-5 years) Axolotls typically live for three to five years.
Honey Bee – (4-6 weeks) Honey bees live for about four to six weeks.
12. Stick Insect – (1-2 years) Stick insects have an average lifespan of one to two years.
Drosophila –(2-3 weeks) Drosophila live for about two to three weeks.
Sea Urchin – (2-3 years) Sea urchins usually live for two to three years.
Parrotlet – (5-8 years) Parrotlets usually live for about five to eight years.

10 Health Advantages of Walnuts range from weight loss to a Healthy Gut

1. Heart Health: Walnuts are a good source of fibre, phytochemicals, and heart-healthy lipids. Walnuts’ omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering properties.
2. Weight Loss: Walnuts are a great source of protein and fibre, making them a great snack for weight loss. The healthy fats in walnuts can help you feel full longer, reducing the urge to snack on unhealthy foods.
3. Brain Health: Studies have found that walnuts may help improve cognitive function, memory and motor skills. The omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts are thought to be especially beneficial for brain health.
4. Diabetes Management: Walnuts have been shown to help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. This makes them a great food for those with diabetes or prediabetes.
5. Bone Health: Walnuts are rich in calcium and magnesium, two minerals important for bone health. Eating walnuts may also help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Healthy foods you can put in your children’s lunchboxes

1. Turkey and Cheese Roll-Ups: Spread cream cheese and mustard on a whole wheat wrap, layer with deli turkey and cheese, and then roll it up.
2. Veggie Hummus Wrap: Spread hummus on a whole wheat wrap, layer it with spinach and chopped vegetables, and then roll it up.
3. Greek Yogurt Parfait: Layer Greek yoghurt, granola, and berries in a cup.
4. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich: Spread peanut butter and honey on two slices of whole wheat bread, layer with sliced banana, and then cut into triangles.
5. Apple and Cheese Skewers: Alternate cubes of cheese and apple slices on skewers.

EPM for Teachers For the Month of February 2023

Preparing to greet students back from winter break
1. Cleaned the Premises: To maintain a safe and healthy environment, all classrooms, common areas, and bathrooms are meticulously cleaned and disinfected.
2. Made welcoming displays in the school’s main entrance and other common areas using balloons, banners, and other decorative items. The students will be in a happy and welcoming atmosphere as a result.
3. Assemble welcome packages for the students that include all of the necessities they might require while attending class, including stationery, hand sanitisers, masks, and other supplies.
4. To keep social distance and guarantee everyone’s safety, assign seating arrangements for students in classrooms, cafeterias, and other locations.

JKBOSE Physics: Solved Previous Year’s Question Paper for NCERT/CBSE Class 12th Physics Paper Code (6416——X)

Question:  Why doping is done?
Answer: Doping is the act of adding impurities to intrinsic semiconductors to change their properties. To enable us as a p-type or n-type semiconductor in a diode, intrinsic semiconductors are doped to raise the concentration of the majority charge carrier.

JKBOSE Physics: Solved Previous Year’s Question Paper for NCERT/CBSE Class 12th Physics Paper Code (XIIRKN16—X)

JKBOSE Physics: Solved Previous Year’s Question Paper for NCERT/CBSE Class 12th Physics Paper Code (XIIRKN16—X)                    Short Answer Type Questions Question:  Explain the Conservation of Charge Answer: Conservation of charge is a law that states that the total amount of electric charge in an isolated system remains constant. This is true for both positive and …

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