Bioenotes.com is a site for scientific learning and interaction, as well as, hopefully, a welcoming and enlightening domain for science information, science self-instruction, and science tutoring, with a focus on plants and animals. This website is dedicated to the proper, sensible, and effective application of scientific knowledge in all aspects of plants and animals.

Excellent learning occurs when there is a desire to learn, and where there are factual, accurate, and trustworthy knowledge sources available to students and teachers — this science site strives to be just that. 

Perfection is not claimed here — the attempt to attain that goal, however, is sought with fervour.

All the Written Material within this Site is Original, Copyrighted-protected and Owned by Mr Malik Tanveer. These original materials are protected legally by this copyright notice and by the Digital Millennium Act. None of this original material may be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of the author. 

Malik Tanveer is an experienced teacher; teaching especially biology for the last 10 years and a Freelance Science writer. He holds Masters in Botany, M. Phil in Plant Pathology in addition to B.ed. He is available for specific assignments for those who are interested – by contacting at Contact Us or tanveermalik92@gmail.com.

Thanks again for being here.

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