JKBOSE GENERAL ENGLISH: Solved Model Question Paper for Class 10th NCERT (2023)

Marks Symphony Public School organized (a) ___________________(a, an, the , same) workshop (b) _______________(on, with, by, in) drawing painting recently. Representatives (c)_________(from, with, by, in) the institute (d) __________________(gave, give, has given, had given) presentations (e) _____________(in, on with, by) various courses offered and tips for better painting. (f)____________(many, more, some, all) students from neighbouring schools attended (g) _______________(the, a, an, that) workshop and (h) ___________________(learnt, has learnt, had learnt, learn) useful tips.
a) a
b) on
c) from
d) gave
e) on
f) many
g) the
h) learnt

JKBOSE GENERAL ENGLISH: Solved Model Question Paper for Class 12th GENERAL ENGLISH NCERT/CBSE (2023)

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