Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and Practice tests (Viruses, Viroids, and Lichens)

1. Which of the following causes usnic acid to be produced?

A.Urtica B.Adiantum C.Usnea D.Psilotum

2. Tobacco mosaic virus genetic material is

A. ds DNA RNA C.ds RNA D. ss DNA

3. Bacterial viruses make up the vast bulk of the world’s bacteria.

A.Single stranded RNA B.Double stranded RNA C.Single stranded RNA D.Double stranded DNA.

4. What do you call a proteinaceous particle that can reproduce and cause sickness inside a host cell?

A.Virion B.Prion C.Viriod D.Phage

5. Which of the following depicts a coiled RNA strand with capsomers?

A..Retrovirus B.Tobacco mosaic virus C.Measles virus D. Poliovirus

6. which of the following causes Potato spindle tuber

A.Virus B.Prion C.Viroid D.Fungus

7. A viroid’s genetic material is

A.DNA B.RNA C.Protein D.Carbohydrate

8. Lichen is a term that refers to a relationship between.

A. Algae and Bacteria B.Fungi and Algae C.Algae and Pteridophyte D. Fungi and Bryophyte

9. Infectious protein is present in

A.Gemini virus B.Prion C.Viriods D.Satellite viruses

10. The viral genome that has been incorporated into host DNA is referred to as

A.Prophase B.Prophage C.Bacteriophage D.Plasmid

11. Which of the following viruses has both DNA and RNA in its genome?

A.Cyanophage B. Herpes virus C.Leukovirus D.Polio virus.

Answers (key)

  1-c  2- b  3- d  4- b  5-b  6- c  7-b    8- b  9-b  10 – b

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