Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and Practice tests (Diversity in the living world)

1. Choose the correct scientific name for the mango, as described by Carl Linnaeus for the first time.

A. Mangifera Indica  B.Mangifera indica Car. Linn. C. Mangifera indica Linn. D. Mangifera indica

2. Carl Linnaeus is associated with

A. Inherited characteristics B. binomial nomenclature C. law of independent assortment D. law of limiting factors

3. Taxonomy is a concept that was coined by

A.  De Candolle B. Bentham and Hooker C. Linnaeus D. Huxley

4. The scientific study of biological diversity and evolutionary links is known as

A. Morphology B. Anatomy C. Taxonomy D. Systematics

5. Who among the following is called the father of botany

A. Aristotle B. Carl Linnaeus C. Robert Hooke D. Theophrastus.

6. Systemae Naturae was written by

A. Darwin B. John Ray C. Aristotle D. Carl Linnaeus.

7. Biosystematics is a word coined by

A. Gaspard Bauhin B. Camp and Gilly C. Karl pantl D. Robert Brown

8. The binomial nomenclature system was given by

A. Caspary B. Carl Linnaeus C. Camp and Gilly D. Gaspard Bauhin

10. Systema Naturae was written by

A. Ernst Mayr B. Carolus Linnaeus C. R.H. Whittaker D. W.M.Stanley

11. Binomial System of nomenclature was given by

A. Darwin B. John Ray C. Aristotle D. Carl Linnaeus

 12. Tomato and potato will be the most similar in terms of their common traits.

A. Family B. Order C. Division D. Genus

13.  A taxon is a group of species that are connected

A. Class B. Order C. Family D. Genus.

14 A group of people who can breed and produce their kind is referred to as a

A. Genus B. Species C. Family D. Order

15. A herbarium sheet’s label does not have any information on it.

A. Date of collection B. Name of collecter C. Local Name D. Height of the plant.                                                      

 Answers (key)

1-C2-D3-C   4-B   5-A   6-C7-D8-C9-A10-D 
11-B 12-B 13-B14-A15-D     

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