The wind and the sun

The wind and the sun

Once upon a time, in a magical land, there were two best friends – the Wind and the Sun. They loved playing hide-and-seek among the fluffy clouds and painting rainbows in the sky.

One sunny day, the Wind and the Sun sat on a cloud and gazed down at the world below. They saw a little girl named Lily walking along a path, carrying a big, colourful umbrella.

The mischievous Wind nudged the Sun and said, “I bet I can make Lily’s umbrella fly away!” The Sun, being gentle and warm, chuckled but accepted the challenge.

The Wind took a deep breath and whooshed down to the earth, swirling around Lily and tugging at her umbrella. Lily giggled and held on tight, determined not to let the Wind take away her colourful companion.

The Wind huffed and puffed, but the more it tried, the more Lily clung to her umbrella.

The Sun, watching with a warm glow, decided to give it a try. It beamed down its golden rays, wrapping Lily in a blanket of sunshine. The warmth made Lily feel happy and cozy.

As the Sun shone brighter, Lily smiled and decided to put down her umbrella. She no longer needed it because the Sun had turned the day into a beautiful, sunny one.

The Wind, realizing it couldn’t win this time, playfully swirled around the Sun and admitted defeat. “You’re right, Sun. Your warmth is much stronger than my blustery breeze.”

From that day on, the Wind and the Sun learned that kindness and warmth could solve problems better than trying to blow them away. They continued to play in the sky, creating beautiful days for all the children on Earth.

Whenever they saw someone with an umbrella, the Wind would playfully rustle its leaves, and the Sun would add a touch of warmth, making sure everyone had a bright and cheerful day.

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