Croton Mummy (Codiaeum variegatum): Introduction, Classification, Distribution, Characteristics, Toxicity, and, Uses

The sap from crotons, which are linked to euphorbias, can give sensitive persons skin rashes. If consumed, it can also upset the stomach and result in more severe symptoms if consumed in big quantities. Like with the majority of mild- to moderately hazardous houseplants, the plant’s pungent flavour typically deters animals and young children from consuming it. Always exercise caution while keeping indoor plants close to animals or youngsters.
Bark, roots, and leaves all produce deadly latex. 5-Deoxyingenol is the toxin present. The latex, when exposed repeatedly, produces eczema in gardeners while the bark and roots can result in mouth burns. Humans and domestic animals both employ exudates as purgatives, irritating the skin in the process (Bronson, 2005).