Multiрle-сhоiсe questiоns (MСQs) аnd Рrасtiсe tests (Pteridophytes)

Question 1. Which of the subsequent are homosporous
A.Salvinia, Equisetum. B. Salvinia, Lycopodium C. Selaginella, Salvinia
D. Lycopodium, Equisetum
Question 2. Meiosis in Dryopteris takes place during
A.Spore formation B. Gamete formation C. Spore germination D. Zygote formation
Question 3. Male gamete transport is required in bryophytes and pteridophytes.
A.Birds B. Water C. Wind D. Insects
Question 4. Which of the following claims about pteridophytes is true?
A.Gametophyte is that the dominant plant body
B.Photosynthetic thalloid sporophyte is named prothallus C.Equisetum could be a member of Pteropsida

Question 5. Which one amongst the subsequent is taken into account important within the development of seed habit
A.Homospory B. Heterospory C. Dependent sporophyte D. Haplontic life cycle
Question 6. A completely vascular, rootless fossil plant is
A.Rhynia B. Aglaophyton C. Asteroxylon mackei D. Both a and c
Question 7 The lycopsida pteridophyte is a heterosporous pteridophyte is
A.Selaginella B. Psilotum C.Equisetum D. Pteris
Question 8. Pteridophytes are non-seeded plants with vascular cryptogams, they are called vascular cryptogams.  
A.Xylem and Phloem B. Only Xylem C. Only Phloem D. Neither Xylem nor Phloem.
Question 9. Which of the subsequent is said to be vascular cryptogams
A.Pteridophytes B. Bryophytes C. Angiosperms D. Gymnosperms
Question 10. Because of this, the seed habit is considered a highly crucial step in the evolution
A.Heterospory B. Homospory C. Heterogamy D. All of those
Question 11. Pteridophytes also are called
A.Cryptogams B. Vascular Cryptogams C.Botanical snakes D.Both b & c
Question 12. Fern gametophyte is
A.Homothallic B. Monoecious C. Heterothallic D. Both a and b

Key (Answers)

1  – D2  – A3  – B4  – C5  -B6  -D
7  -A  8   -A9  -A10  -A11  -D12  – D

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