Multiрle-сhоiсe questiоns (MСQs) аnd Рrасtiсe tests (Gymnosperms)

Question 1. Conifers have evolved to withstand harsh environmental conditions Because of

A.Broad hardy leaves B. Superficial stomata C. Thick cuticle D. Presence of vessels

Question 2. Coralloid roots are found in which of the following genera?

A.Cycas B.Taxus C. Pinus D. Sequoia

Question 3. Vessels are absent in the wood of

A.Pine B. Eucalyptus C. Teak D. Sheesham

Question 4. Which of the following is a Gymnosperm that has vessels?

A.Cycas B. Pinus C. Ginkgo D. Gnetum

Question 5. Which of the following genera has homosporous individuals?

A.Cycas B. Pinus C. Selaginella D. Lycopodium

Question 6. Cycas and Adiantum are similar in appearance in

A.Seeds B. Motile sperms C. Cambium D. Vessels

Question 7. Gymnosperms are sometimes known as softwood spermatophytes Because of their lack of hardwood

A.Cambium B.Phloem fibers C. Thick-walled tracheids D. Xylem fibers

Question 8. The largest antherozoids are found in

A.Cycas B. Cedrus C.Ephedra D. Pinus.

Question 9. Microsporangium dehisces in Cycas occurs when pollen is at

A.3 celled stage B. 4 celled stage C. 2 celled stage D. 1 celled stage.

Question 10. The endosperm of Gymnosperms is

A.Haploid B. Diploid C. Triploid D.Hexapliod

Question 11. Cycas that resemble ferns have a feature that is similar to that of ferns is

A.Circinate ptyxis B. Sori in microsporophyll C. Uniflagellate male gametes D. Both A and B.

Question 12. Pinus belongs to the class

A.Gnetopsida B. Cycadopsida C. Coniferopsida D.Sphenopsida

Question 13. The number of cotyledons in a Cycas seed is

A.One B. Two C.many D. None of these

Question 14. Gymnosperms produce seeds but no fruits due to a lack of pollen.

A.Cotyledon B. Embryo C. Ovary D. Ovule

KEY (Answers)

1-C  2-A3-A4-D5-D6-B7-D
8-A  9-A10-A11-D12-C13-B14-C

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