Multiрle-сhоiсe questiоns (MСQs) аnd Рrасtiсe tests (Angiosperms)

Question 1. Which of the following qualities does every Angiosperm possess?

A.Presence of vessels B. Double fertilization C. Secondary growth D. Autotrophic nutrition

Question 2. Flowering plants might have originated from

A.Chlorophyte ancestors B. Tracheophyte ancestors C. Rhynia type plants D. Psilophytes

Question 3. In both Gymnosperms and Angiosperms, the seed coat is generated from the

A.Megaspore B. Microspore C. Megasporangium D. Microsporangium

Question 4. An angiosperm’s embryo sac is made of with

A.8 cells B. 7 cells and 8 nuclei C. 8 nuclei D. 7 cells and 7 nuclei

Question 5. Select incorrect statement to angiosperms

A.Syngamy is vegetative fertilization and triple fusion is generative fertilization B.Syngamy produces a diploid zygote C. Two vegetative nuclei are involved in triple fusion D. Triple fusion leads to endosperm formation

Question 6. Which of the following feature distinguishes a monocot from a dicot plant

A.Phylotaxy B. Vennation C. Vernation D. Aestivation

Question 7. Angiosperms resemble Gymnosperms in the sense that

A.The stem increases in girth by secondary growth B. Fertilization C. Free nuclear division occurs in zygote D. Both (a) and (b)

Question 8. The Haplontic life cycle is found in which of the following?

A.Chara B. Zygnema C. Wheat D. Both (a) and (b)

Question 9. The haplodiplontic life cycle can be seen in

A.Bryophytes B. Pteridophytes C. Fungi D. Both (a) and (b)

Question 10. A dominant, independent haploid gametophyte alternates with a short-lived dependent sporophyte in the —————.

A.Algae B. Bryophytes C. Pteridophytes D. Gymnosperms

Question 11. Seed-bearing plants have what kind of life cycle pattern?

A.Haplointic B. Diplointic C. Haplodiplointic D. All of these

Question 12. Select the proper response after reading the statement.

Statement 1: Bryophytes exhibit generational alternation.

Statement 2: A haploid Gametophyte generation and a diploid sporophytic generation alternate in the life cycle.

A.Statements 1 and 2 are both true.

B. The first statement is true, but the second is false.

 C. The first statement is incorrect, but the second is correct.

 D. Statements first and second are both correct.

Question 13. In Angiosperms the endosperm is

A.Prefertilization structure B. Haploid C. Triploid D. Deprived of reserve food

Question 14. An exclusive characteristic feature of Angiosperms is

A.Closed vascular bundles B. Presence of vascular tissues C. Seed formation D. Double fertilization

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