Monera: Definition and Characteristics

Monera Definition

 The Monera is derived from the Greek word Moneres means single or solitary. The kingdom monera is said to be the oldest living thing on the planet, which is made up of unicellular creatures having a prokaryotic cell structure. they’re single-celled organisms that don’t have a genuine nuclear membrane (prokaryotic organisms).

The taxon Monera was given proposed as a phylum by Ernst Haeckel in 1866. Carl  Woese in 1977, which reflects the evolutionary history of life, The kingdom Monera’s creatures are separated into two domains: Archaea and Bacteria, with Eukarya being the third realm.

Characteristics of Monera

Some important characters are as under

1. It includes bacteria, cyanobacteria, and mycoplasma.

2. They have the prokaryotic cellular organization i.e true nucleus is absent.

3. The membrane-bound organelles are absent in prokaryotes like chloroplast, Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi bodies and true vacuole all are absent.

4. They contain 70S ribosomes.

5. The genetic material which is present is naked and is not bound by a nuclear membrane this type of genetic material represents Nucleoid, Genophore, incipient nucleus, and prochromosome.

6. In monera true vacuole is absent it means cyclosis is absent.

7. Binary fission or budding is how they reproduce asexually.

8. The cell wall which is present is made of peptidoglycan and in archaea bacteria, it is made up of pseudomurein.

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