People usually throw stones at the tree that bears the most fruit, and eventually, the day comes when they discover how foolish it was to throw stones at the tree and the delicious fruits it produced.

                         Dear Students,

Stones or no stones what does it matter?

We must never go without fruit. For a tree without fruit is just that—a tree. Thus, producing fruit has greater significance than stoned. The opinions of others about us shouldn’t concern us too much. Rather, we must direct our attention and concentration towards our real, goal-oriented behaviours. However, nothing goes unnoticed, and eventually, your deeds are revealed.

It is not a given that you will receive gratitude or acknowledgement. People will occasionally start purposefully ignoring you even more, showing no appreciation for the work you have done or for its value. They will also always avoid bringing up your name, even in private talks, and they will avoid social events and meetings.

They would also discourage the conversation in general anytime and anywhere your name or accomplishments are brought up. Therefore, whether we like to admit it or not, the reality is that your deeds speak louder than words. Never forget that good deeds and words alone are insufficient; always remember that good deeds should follow good words. We also need to be well-read or to put it another way, optimistic. Envy and jealousy will make your existence even more toxic and destructive, as well as useless.

I have seen that most individuals lie, fabricate falsehoods on purpose to damage the reputation of someone who would otherwise be innocent, and engage in what is known as “character assassination” to undermine someone’s self-esteem or confidence in public.

Greetings, students, Do not forget to consider the fleeting aspect of life, namely death, at all times.

We must not lose sight of the afterlife and the final day of judgment.

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