Angiosperms: Salient Features and Dicots verses Monocots

Angiosperms: Salient Features

 1. They occur in ultimate environments on the earth

2. They are covered seed-bearing plants

3. Herbs, Shrubs, Trees, Twiners, Trailers, and Climbers among others make up the sporophytic plant body

4. The Gametophytic phase is highly contracted and only represented by a few cells. The free-living existence of gametophytes is absent

5. vascular tissue is well developed, xylem and phloem are present. The xylem contains tube-like structures that are vessels, tracheids, xylem parenchyma, and xylem fibers. Phloem contains a tube that is a sieve tube, companion cells, Phloem parenchyma, and Phloem fibers

6. Sporophylls aggregated to form flowers in case gymnosperms sporophylls are woody and in angiosperms sporophylls are delicate

7. There are four microsporangia after meiosis it sums in the formation of haploid microspore and haploid pollen grain. The pollen grain forms male gametophytes. The female part is represented by carpel or pistil

8. It shows Double fertilization

9. It shows triple fusion i.e formation of endosperm i.e one male gamete fuses with egg forms zygote and other fuses with a secondary nucleus for the formation of endosperm

10. They show secondary growth due to the development of cambium

11. Production of two types of spores i.e microspores pollen grains and megaspores thus Angiosperms are Heterosporous

12. Pollination takes place by several agencies viz wind, water, animals, etc

13. Archegonia is absent and female gametophyte is represented by embryo sac

Dicots verses Monocots

Germination of Dicot Seed

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